Instructor Bio

Dan Schwartz earned his PhD in philosophy at University of California San Diego in 2014, writing a dissertation titled Baconian Foundationalism and the Problem of Certainty. His articles on Bacon and early modern philosophy and science have been published in peer-reviewed journals. They include: “Is Baconian Natural History Theory-Laden?”, “Crucial Instances and Francis Bacon’s Quest for Certainty,” and the forthcoming “Francis Bacon on the Certainty and Deceptiveness of Sense-Perception”. He has taught courses in a wide range of areas at several colleges and universities. Most recently, he taught Business Ethics at the American University in Bulgaria from 2017 to 2021. Dr. Schwartz is also a graduate of the Objectivist Academic Center.



  • History of Philosophy
  • Francis Bacon
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Business Ethics
  • Objectivism

Courses Taught