In this presentation, recorded live at a February 5, 2005, banquet commemorating the centenary of Ayn Rand’s birth, Leonard Peikoff delivers a variety of anecdotes, both serious and humorous, from his longtime association with Rand. His remarks are followed by a question-and-answer period about Rand’s life and work.

Subjects discussed by Peikoff include:

  • Rand’s personal and professional advice to Peikoff
  • Discussions with Rand about Objectivism and contemporary philosophy
  • Rand’s favorites in music, poetry, film and television
  • Reading and discussing Atlas Shrugged in manuscript
  • How Rand viewed her critics
  • Rand’s husband, Frank O’Connor
  • Rand’s advice on choosing a career and on judging one’s self esteem objectively
  • The writing of Galt’s speech