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Why Are Principles Important in Life?

When we describe someone as a person of principle, it’s often meant it as a compliment. We mean that the person has a solid moral compass and that his actions are grounded in time-honored rules of conduct. On the other hand, though, we sometimes view principles as being rigid and constraining, a bunch of rules that stifle spontaneity. From that point of view we sometimes view the man of principles as being somewhat dogmatic, maybe even a bit of a zealot.

So is it good to be a principled person or is it a problem? What exactly are principles anyway and what do they do for us? Do we even need them in life? These are questions that Keith Lockitch will be exploring in the next episode of Philosophy for Living on Earth.

Join Keith Lockitch as he asks one of life's big questions: Why are principles important in life?

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Saturday, October 12, at 10 a.m. Pacific

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Saturday, October 12 | Why Are Principles Important in Life? | Keith Lockitch

Saturday, October 19 | Is There a God? | Aaron Smith

Saturday, October 19 | To be announced

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Keith Lockitch is the vice president of content and a senior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, overseeing the production of the Institute’s intellectual content.

He is a senior instructor for ARI’s Objectivist Academic Center, where he has been teaching distance-learning courses on written and oral communication skills for more than fifteen years. He also teaches about Ayn Rand’s novels and ideas in a variety of settings, from high school and college classrooms to ARI Campus.

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