The Structure of Government

In this radio interview, Ayn Rand discusses the purpose and proper structure of government, addressing such issues as the importance of a written constitution, the difference between a republic and a democracy, federalism, checks and balances, the judiciary, “one-man-one-vote”  and filibusters.

The recording lasts 30 minutes.

The “Robber Barons”

In this 1966 radio interview, Ayn Rand argues that nineteenth-century industrialists were unjustly vilified by the epithet “robber baron.” Pointing out the need to distinguish between businessmen who get rich by production and voluntary trade, and those who get rich through government favoritism and legalized coercion, Rand observes that all the evils popularly ascribed to capitalism were actually caused by government interference in the economy. Her detailed historical analysis centers on the transcontinental railroads, with discussions of coercive monopolies and the phenomenon of controls breeding more controls. She also argues that the antitrust laws are non-objective and unjust.

The recording is 26 minutes long.

The Money-Making Personality

In this radio talk, Ayn Rand identifies two types of business personality: Money-Makers (innovators and entrepreneurs who take calculated risks and succeed on a free market) and Money-Appropriators (those who become rich illegitimately, by “cutting corners” or political favoritism).  Along the way she describes the qualities of real-life money-makers such as steamship and railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie, automobile innovator Henry Ford and banking magnate J. P. Morgan.

The program lasts 27 minutes.