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Millennials know it and you maybe not: when the internet goes, you can play with the Google dinosaur




The error that Google Chrome shows when you have no connection really hides a simple video game to make the wait more enjoyable


Gambling is addicting, we warn you 🙂


It has happened to you more than once while browsing the internet: suddenly, a dinosaur informs you that you have no connection. It is possibly the most hated animal on the whole network for what it really means but what you may not know is that this T-Rex game is not put there for decoration but to make the wait easier: if you press the ‘space’ key ‘on your keyboard, the fun will begin.


With increasing speed, changing obstacles and even the arrival of dark mode in the browser, this dinosaur’s career will get progressively more complicated and you can only direct it with the upper and lower arrows on the keyboard or with the same space bar .


His story, however, is not new. It was created in 2012 by Google engineers, although it was not until 2014 when it was finally implemented in the Google Chrome browser. One of its creators, Sebastian Graviel, recently stated, on the occasion of the minigame’s fifth anniversary, that its main objective was “to reduce user frustration when the internet is down.”


The shape of a T-Rex is no accident


That this mini dino game has the shape of a T-Rex dinosaur, one of the most aggressive that ever existed, is not by chance. Google engineers, when creating it, were based on an animal that was in the global imaginary and that, also, it so happened that they had a skeleton on their campus in Mountain View, California, which reminded them that everything can return to its origins at any time.


In addition, the choice of this animal has a more ‘romantic’ point of view, since its creators wanted us to go back to the ‘prehistoric age’ of when there was no internet. And so much yes.


You know, if you stay offline and want to have a fun time, hit the space key and see how much score you can do.