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“Stylized” means condensed to essential characteristics, which are chosen according to an artist’s view of man.

“Art and Cognition”
The Romantic Manifesto, 57

An artist does not fake reality — he stlyizes it. He selects those aspects of existence which he regards as metaphysically significant — and by isolating and stressing them, by omitting the insignificant and accidental, he presents his view of existence. His concepts are not divorced from the facts of reality — they are concepts which integrate the facts and his metaphysical evaluation of the facts.

The Romantic Manifesto, 36

The dance is the silent partner of music and participates in a division of labor: music presents a stylized version of man’s consciousness in action — the dance presents a stylized version of man’s body in action.

“Art and Cognition”
The Romantic Manifesto, 66
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