Greg Salmieri and Ben Bayer discuss the following questions for Part III, Chapter 7, of Atlas Shrugged: “This Is John Galt Speaking” (part 2 of 2).

Special note: The following questions focus on the second half of Galt’s speech (from pg. 1034 in the standard edition, p. 947 in the latest mass market paperback, or p. 166 in the reprinted speech in For the New Intellectual). However, some questions ask readers to take a broader view of the speech and may relate to elements in the first half.

  • Question 1: . According to Galt, what is the essence of a mystic? Why do mystics preach the morality of death? How should they be dealt with?
  • Question 2: What is the distinction Galt draws between thinkers and savages? How does he think the distinction relates to his audience and to the mystics?
  • Question 3: What role does Galt think the need for self-esteem plays in the lives of his listeners? What advice does he offer them to attain it?
  • Question 4: What obligations does Galt think men owe one another? How does this relate to his view of rights? How does it apply to relationships between men of greater and lesser ability?
  • Question 5: How does Galt expect the strike to end? What sort of society does he expect to exist in its aftermath, and what role would he and the other strikers play in it?
  • Question 6: What other questions or observations do you have about Part III, Chapter 7?


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