Greg Salmieri and Ben Bayer discuss the following questions for Part I, Chapter 2, of Atlas Shrugged: “The Chain.”

  • Question 1: Why does Rearden “put his name on everything he touches,” and what can we infer about his character from this?
  • Question 2: How does Lillian’s treatment of Hank compare to the rest of his family’s treatment of him?
  • Question 3: How is Rearden’s approach to problems in his personal life like and unlike his approach to problems in his career?
  • Question 4: In what respects are Rearden and Dagny alike, and in what respects are they different?
  • Question 5: Does Rearden need personal relationships? How can we tell?
  • Question 6: What other questions and observations do you have about Part I, Chapter 2?


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