Here is a wide-ranging discussion of unusually provocative subjects. In 1998 during a question-and-answer format, Leonard Peikoff addresses such topics as:

  • Why love and friendship are different in kind, not just degree
  • Whether there can be a role for a third person in a sexual relationship
  • The role of fantasy in sex
  • The essence of masculinity and femininity
  • The role of masturbation
  • The role of pornography
  • Why so many Objectivists are prudish
  • The role of family in a rational life
  • Balancing one’s productive life with family and romance
  • The role of nudity in different contexts
  • The moral and psychological status of homosexuality
  • The philosophical congruence needed for a successful romantic relationship
  • The possibility of love at first sight

Please note Peikoff’s own disclaimer from the beginning of the session: “This is not my field. I am not armed with ‘the Objectivist answer’ to all of the questions that I’m going to be answering. Some of them are optional, some of them are my opinion, and some of them I have no doubt in the world are inherent in Objectivism.”