In this Q&A session, delivered on June 28th at Objectivist Summer Conference 2008, Leonard Peikoff tackles numerous questions, including a number that bear on his own personal values. These include:

  • Works of fiction he has been reading recently
  • The role of productive work in his retirement
  • His purpose in hosting a podcast
  • His favorite novel, play, painting, sculpture and song
  • What Ayn Rand loved the most about Kalman
  • What he likes about The Twilight Zone, and his favorite episode
  • His favorite memories of Ayn Rand

Peikoff also answers questions on cultural and philosophic topics, including:

  • Why are so few women involved in Objectivism?
  • What changes would he make to his book The Ominous Parallels if he were writing it today?
  • Is the Objectivist ethics in conflict with the view that an organism’s ultimate goal is reproduction?
  • What were Ayn Rand’s views on evolution?
  • What are the boundaries of the principle that it’s justifiable to lie to defend one’s privacy?
  • Can the choice to remain in focus be motivated?