This course, originally given by Leonard Peikoff in 1997, teaches you the method of learning Objectivism’s principles that Ayn Rand used to discover them — the only method (in Rand’s words) of discovering and validating principles in any field: induction.

Induction, in essence, is the process of inferring a generalization from observations. So what are the steps by which one can reach the principles of Objectivism, not by reading books or taking courses, but by looking outward at reality?

The course answers central questions about a proper inductive method, and shows how to use that method to reach and validate several key principles of Objectivism — e.g., causality, egoism, the evil of the initiation of force, objectivity in cognition and values, the status of the arbitrary, and the metaphysical meaning of sex.

According to Dr. Peikoff, this course “is the best way I know of tying your ideas to reality and acquiring a real understanding of Objectivism.”

Disclaimer: Although Dr. Peikoff granted permission for the creation of this course in a new format, he has not reviewed or approved any of its content. The videos may be accompanied by supplementary materials that were not part of the original course.

Recorded as part of Lyceum Conference 1997.