This multi-session workshop is open to students and alumni of the Objectivist Academic Center, and those they refer who are serious students of Objectivism but who have not, as yet, joined the OAC. The bootcamp focuses especially on students applying for admissions into philosophy graduate programs in the 2023 academic year (i.e., those who are planning to apply in the fall of 2022). Those considering philosophy grad school further in the future are also welcome, and those applying to graduate schools in other fields are encouraged to attend at least the first session.

Workshop Schedule

  • Choosing to Apply and the Application Process (January 21, 9 – 10 am PT)
  • Choosing Schools (winter)
  • Choosing a Writing Sample (winter)
  • Workshopping Your Writing Samples (spring through summer)
  • Workshopping Personal Statements (summer)
  • Reviewing Completed Applications (late summer through fall)