In this 1978 lecture at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum, Ayn Rand reviews the themes she had explored in thirteen previous lectures delivered since her first appearance in 1961, asking in each case: “Have things changed since then, and, if so, in what direction?” Her analysis covers such topics as abortion, capitalism, censorship, “ethnicity,” war and economics. “What do we do next?” she asks in closing. “I don’t think it’s up to me any longer. It is up to you.”

In the ensuing Q&A, Rand expands on the topics covered in her talk and also discusses business and politics; racism; U.S. relations with Soviet Russia; the legal case surrounding the Nazi Party’s efforts to march on public streets in Skokie, Illinois; affirmative action; the Panama Canal; feminism; fighting the establishment; the 1970s energy crisis; the United Nations, and South Africa and apartheid.