Aristotle is the father and chief defender of the view that the human mind can achieve a deep and rich understanding of the world in terms of fundamental principles derived ultimately from sense-perception. Aristotle’s theory of knowledge represents a high point in the history of human thought. But the writings in which he expressed that theory are obscure, and most readers find it difficult to appreciate their significance or even understand them.

In this course, Dr. Gregory Salmieri—an expert in Aristotle’s philosophy—guides students through this challenging material. He explains Aristotle’s most important insights into the nature of knowledge and the methods by which knowledge is achieved, and he identifies and discusses the texts in which these insights can be found.

Supplemental materials include Dr. Salmieri’s translations of all the passages he discusses (with ample surrounding context) and recommendations for further reading for those interested in deeper study.

This course includes a handout.

This course was recorded at the 2010 Objectivist Summer Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.