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Do People’s Interests Have to Conflict?

Do people's interests conflict? It seems they often do: people are at odds with one another all the time, we have wars, personal animosities, etc.

People often times don't get along so it might seem like telling everybody to pursue their own self interest is telling them to just dig in and fight harder. If each person's interests conflict with everyone else's, then the only way to have any kind of peace is for us to each compromise on our interests, to give up our interests in deference to other people.

Ayn Rand did not think that was true. Her view was that the interests of people don't conflict, they harmonize when people are rational.

Join Greg Salmieri as he talks about why that is, what it is to form your view of your interests rationally and presents Ayn Rand’s answer to the question: Do people's interests have to conflict?

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Wednesday, December 18, at 11 a.m. Pacific

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Wednesday, December 18 | Do People’s Interests Have to Conflict? | Greg Salmieri

Wednesday, January 8 | To be announced | Keith Lockitch

Wednesday, January 15 | To be announced | Elan Journo

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Gregory Salmieri is an Anthem Foundation Fellow in philosophy. He teaches philosophy at Rutgers University, and has previously held teaching and research positions at Boston University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

He has published on issues in Aristotle’s epistemology and ethics and on Rand’s philosophy and novels; he is co-editor of A Companion to Ayn Rand in the Blackwell Companions to Philosophy series. Salmieri received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008.

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