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Is Selfishness The Root of All Evil?

If there is one thing that almost everyone agrees on today, it’s that selfishness is bad. From day one, we’ve been told, “don’t be selfish” or “selfishness is the root of all evil.”


But what if the way we think about selfishness is completely wrong?


What if our conventional understanding of what it means to be selfish is totally confused—and it’s not just that we’re mistaken, but we’re mistaken in a way that actually makes it harder for us to achieve a happy, fulfilling life and a better world?


Throughout history, various thinkers have challenged us to rethink conventional wisdom. Copernicus and Galileo challenged our view of a motionless earth. Darwin challenged our understanding of how all of life’s species developed.

Ayn Rand, the writer and philosopher famous for her bestselling novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, was a thinker who challenged our conventional wisdom about morality.


She was a moral revolutionary in the same way that Galileo and Darwin were scientific revolutionaries.

Join Keith Lockitch and explore Ayn Rand’s moral revolution. He’ll be addressing one of life’s big questions: Is selfishness the root of all evil?

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Keith Lockitch is the vice president of content and a senior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, overseeing the production of the Institute’s intellectual content.

He is a senior instructor for ARI’s Objectivist Academic Center, where he has been teaching distance-learning courses on written and oral communication skills for more than fifteen years. He also teaches about Ayn Rand’s novels and ideas in a variety of settings, from high school and college classrooms to ARI Campus.

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